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Adult Degree Completion Program (ADCaP)

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Prerequisite courses

*Also known as CPCs (Common Professional Components)
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Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) develops in each student a broad understanding of how the elements and processes of business organizations relate to one another and to the external environment. Degree requirements are designed to develop proficiency and confidence in all of the functional areas of business.

In addition to providing the technical skills required for an executive-level business position, the UIW MBA degree also emphasizes ethical considerations of doing business. The programs are supported by experienced faculty with expertise in all functional areas of business.

Students who wish to pursue a Master of Business Administration must have the appropriate business course foundation to successfully complete a graduate level of study in Business. At UIW, this constitutes the Common Professional Components (CPCs):

Accounting I & II, Information Systems, Economics (Macro and Micro), Quantitative Analysis and Statistics, Finance, Global Environment*, Marketing, Business Law, Management

Visit MBA Admissions for more information on the CPCs.

*Active-duty military are considered to have fulfilled the Global Environment CPC.

Major Requirements

To fulfill the requirements for the Master of Business Administration degree program, the student must complete 30 hours of graduate coursework:

A. Core Coursework (24 hours)

PMBA 6310 - Managerial Accounting and Control Systems
PMBA 6311 - Managerial Finance
PMBA 6312 - Quantitative Methods and Research
PMBA 6313 - Managerial Economics and Decision-Making
PMBA 6314 - Management of Information Technology
PMBA 6315 - Leading Organizations and Human Resources
PMBA 6316- Strategic Marketing, Communications, and Research
PMBA 6317 - Global Strategy, Policy, and Regulation

B. Specialization (Choose one)

Asset Management (6 hours)

PMBA 6320 - Investments
PMBA 6321 - Portfolio Management
PMBA 6323 - Real Estate Investments

Data Analytics (6 hours)

PMBA 6322 - Data Management
PMBA 6330 - Applied Data Analysis
PMBA 6331 - Forecasting Methods in Business

Human Resources (6 hours)

BMGT 6311 - Human Resource Management
PMBA 6340 - Metrics and Measures of HR
PMBA 6341 - Strategic Human Resources Management

General (6 hours)

Six hours in transfer credit or 3 hours from two chosen specializations.

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August 24, 2015
Application deadline is Aug. 16

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